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How much is your Lakeland and Central Florida worth?

Selling Your Home with Focus Realty Group & KW Lakeland

Did you know that the KW Lakeland, Keller William Realty, team lists and sells almost 5 TIMES as many homes as the next several local real estate companies combined? When you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling your house, you've come to the right place with Focus Realty Group.

Because I am a Realtor and a Custom Home Builder I do things a little differently and give my sellers more opportunities than with those who only deal in existing real estate sales and marketing.

1. It's about who you know, more than what you know. Yes, this is very overused cliche, but it's true isn't it? I have been in Lakeland and Central Florida for many, many years and I am a natural networker - it's in my blood. In fact, you and I are probably already connected somehow by a friend of a friend. I also have different connections and a different sphere of influence than most Realtors. I have custom home building connections and real estate connections. My personal network is vast. I don't say this to sound impressive, I share this because the more people I know the faster I can help you sell your home for the best possible price. Remember, at Focus Realty Group, "it's all about you"! I network in person on a regular basis and what do you think I tell my business partners when they ask me, "what's new?" I tell them about the amazing house you're selling, of course!

2. It's all about social media. Okay, "all" may be a strong word, but social media is the 900 lb gorilla in the room and it causes tidal waves of information sharing when done correctly. The more people that know about the house you are selling, the faster I can help you sell your home for the best possible price. I have an above average social following (click on the icons at the bottom of the page to get connected yourself) and this means that when I promote your property for sale through different social media channels, there are typically well over 40,000 people seeing the information. Those people may be in the market for themselves, or may know someone that is looking for a home, just, like, yours. It's a numbers game and the numbers are on your side when you work with Focus Realty Group.

3. We still use the internet, a lot. Social media is a big deal, but the internet and real estate selling are not going away any time soon. The vast majority of buyers seek their next home via the internet. Some sources say that this number is around 94% - that's a lot of people! At Focus Realty Group we promote your home online like crazy. If that's where over 9 out 10 buyers are looking, that's where we will be. Our online sources syndicate to dozens of the top real estate portals - you should expect nothing less.

4. You need a problem solver on your side. We don't live in Xanadu or Utopia. All homes don't sell in 24 hours and have multiple offers above the asking price - that's just not real. Yes, it can happen. Yes, it does happen at Focus Realty Group. I hope it happens for you. When offers aren't coming in as thought, we need to get creative. Creative problem solving is one of our strengths. What makes your house, community and the lifestyle it offers different? How can we convey that message in a creative way that will motivate a higher response from the buying public? This is the fun part. Let's work together to solve the problems at hand and sell your home!

5. Communication is key. I am a family man. I don't work 24 hours a day. I spend time with my children. I go on a "date night" with my lovely wife every week. I am also a professional and I like to speak with my clients. Text is fine. Email is fine. Even letters are fine. Calls are the best when you would like to speak more in detail with me, about anything. Call me when you need something or would just like to speak about the sale and marketing of your house. It's not awkward, or inconvenient, it's good communication. I help a lot of people with their housing needs, so you may call and I am with someone - that's okay, leave a message, or text me saying that you rang and I will call you back as soon as possible. I'm a little old fashioned that way, plus I like people and talking to them. 

Let's get started! When you are preparing to sell your home, please give me a call. Also, please don't wait until you need to sell your home, let's prepare a strategy before a want becomes a need. That will give us time to plan, make any updates to the home that may help is sell better, and not be completely rushed. Sometimes I realize that this is not possible, but when it is, let's plan ahead.

To find out more about selling your home, click here, or you can call or text 863-640-2246 now!