West Polk Listings Brokers Open Calendar 2020

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The West Polk listings caravan is being organized and provided as a FREE service by Jamie Newsome from Easy Title and Jared Weggeland from Focus Group Florida, Keller Williams. There are no obligations when you participate. We hope this service ads value to you and your real estate brokerage, regardless of affiliation, and saves time for everyone as we consolidate Brokers Opens tour dates across our area. 

Detailed schedule, February through December 2020 (scroll to see more)

Recurring schedule
The caravan will occur each Thursday as noted on the West Polk Listings Realtor Caravan Schedule 2020 above. Participants will meet at 8:30 am for a pitch group with Melissa Innella, receive the Brokers Opens list for the day and depart at 9:00 am. 

Meeting location
All Realtors and Realtor Partners who wish to participate each week will meet and check in at the Black & Brew Coffee Shop inside the Lakeland Library on Lake Morton. Participants who wish to carpool to visit the various Brokers Opens may park in the library parking lot during the caravan. (Please bring your business cards to check in and to leave at each house.)

Brokers Opens areas by week
The West Polk listings will be split into areas and Brokers Opens wishing to be a part of the caravan will be scheduled for the Thursday of the scheduled area. Here is the area breakdown:

Area 1: North Lakeland 33809, 33810, 33849
Area 2: Central Lakeland 33801, 33803, 33805, 33815
Area 3: South Lakeland 33811, 33812, 33813
Area 4: Mulberry 33860, Bartow 33830

Listing submissions
Realtors will submit their desired listings each week by the end of day on Monday via email to submissions.west.polk.caravan@gmail.com. The following information will be submitted by each Realtor:

MLS number
Listing address
Access information (1) Listing agent will open, (2) ELB ,(3) Combo lockbox
Is the home occupied or vacant
Affiliate sponsor
Description of food or giveaway, if any, provided

A submission request email will be sent out each Monday to those who have requested to be involved. If for any reason there is not a reminder email sent, please continue to email your submissions to the designated email account. If no submissions are received in a given week, a cancellation email will be sent to all Realtors involved - we understand that time is money.

Would you like to get involved?
If you would like to have your email address added to the weekly distribution list, and be able to submit listings for Brokers Opens during the caravan, please send an email to submissions.west.polk.caravan@gmail.com with subject line “Please add me to the caravan list”.

Thank you in advance for participating in the caravan. As we support each other our profession and industry improves for the better. Let’s sell some houses!