Things to do in Lakeland and COVID-19 info updates


Jared Weggeland
Focus Group Florida
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Lakeland, Florida
Updated 03/24/20, 1:06 pm

You may have noticed that we have quite a lot going on as a community and world at the moment - to say the least. Many of us are working from home, schooling at home, and generally keeping to ourselves. 

As your experts in all things local, me and the team at Focus Group Florida, Keller Williams Realty, want to share information that could be helpful to you and your family during these changing, and hopefully very temporary, times. Here is a list of resources and websites that you might find helpful - at least we hope you do. 

NEW Blog KEY: Purple = things to due, Blue = business resources, Green = COVID-19 updates, Orange = financial aid and other resources

LAL Today Local COVID-19 Blog (Updated 3/27/20, 6:29am)
The LAL Today local blog team is now putting together a daily blog with COVID-19 updates at the state, county and city level. Get the daily updates here.

Downtown Lakeland Restaurant Daily Updates (Updated 3/24/20 at 1:06 pm)
Text LKLD to 41400 as often as you would like to see daily updates on which restaurants and retailers are open and which are closed!

Facebook Small Business Grants Program (Updated 3/24/20 at 1:04 pm)
Learn about what Facebook is doing to help small businesses move forward here

Dedicated shopping hours for Seniors (Updated 3/23/20 at 6:11 pm)
Here is a list of many local stores that are making an effort to reduce the risk to more vulnerable citizens by offering dedicated shopping hours for Seniors

President's COVID-19 Guidelines for America (Updated 3/21/20 at 9:07 pm)
Here is the "15 days to slow the spread" worksheets published by the White House

Open We Stand by GoDaddy (Updated 3/21/20 at 12:57 pm)
GoDaddy has put together some excellent resources to "help to get you through these times". 
Here is a link to download your own #OpenWeStand kit. It includes posters, social media images and more.

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (Updated 3/21/20 at 12:57 pm)
If you are a bartender, or know someone who is, did you know that there is an assistance program already in place? Here is an application link.

Lakeland Chamber Restaurants
It is becoming very difficult for local restaurants and their staff with the drop in customers, so the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce put together a list of take out and food delivery options for us.

Rally Around our Restaurants
A Facebook group has recently been created giving us a lot of information about Polk County eateries so we know what's what, who is open and how they are serving. 

Lakeland Mom local activities blog

This blog is a great resource to find safe activities to do with your children.

Visit Central Florida
They created a printable version of their FREE Kid's Activity Book.

LKLD Now local info blog
This blog is an excellent source of information for all things Lakeland.

Families in need
If your family, or a family you know is in need of support or services, here are a few website links that may be helpful. Also, if you are not in need, and would like to support groups that are helping others, you can learn more here:
United Way of Central Florida
One More Child
Light House Ministries

Polk County School info site
Many of us have children that will be finishing their school year from home. Here is the Polk County Public Schools official web site.

City, County and State resource pages
The municipalities are doing a great job keeping us informed. Here are their respective websites with constantly updated information.

City of Lakeland COVID-19 Updates page
Polk County Florida COVID-19 Updates page
State of Florida COVID-19 Updates page
National COIVD-19 Updates page

Restaurant owners
Door DASH is offering FREE services to new restaurant partners to help them with online orders and delivery. 

We are here to help with a lot more than real estate. We know A LOT of people and companies. If you need ANY information at all, or need to be CONNECTED with a product or service that you are unfamiliar with, please contact us. We are more than happy to connect you with the right people and organizations. God bless us, everyone.

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