Prepare for the Florida summer, maintain your AC

Home Improvement

By Jared Weggeland
Focus Realty Group
KW Lakeland
Lakeland, Florida

School is out and summer is hear. That means that the Florida summer heat is also on its way and it's time to maintain your AC system. Here are a few hints:

Clean out the overflow drain pipe
There are a few ways to do this. First, try using some bleach or drain cleaner and pouring it down the pipe. Usually there is a little outlet by the unit inside the house where you can pour these fluids. If that doesn't work, try using a shop vac to suck out the pipe. This end of the pipe is often found outside by the AC unit itself and is almost always a small, white pipe end that you might see dripping. Finally, if neither of those work, use a hose with a nozzle and spray into the pipe. That's right, spray into the pipe from the outside. I just did this myself and it worked like a charm. Some rather icky, gooey sludge will come out of the pipe and free it up for future drain off.

Change your air filter
This may seem a little elementary but you would be surprised how many people simply forget to change their air filters - everyone is so busy with life! Also, a local AC contractor suggested to me that I only use one of the cheap, blue filters and change them monthly. He said that the cheaper filters allow better air flow and is "healthier" for the system. So, since then I stopped buying the 90 days filters and my system has been working great!

Service your AC system
From time to time its not a bad idea to call in an expert to service your AC system. They will check all of the mechanics, the freon levels and make sure all is functioning as it should. Maintenance is always less expensive than repair or replacement.

Call your warranty company if repairs are needed
Our clients at Focus Realty Group, KW Lakeland, often purchase their homes with an American Home Shield home warranty. Sometimes the seller pays on their behalf, and sometimes the buyer pays themselves. Either way, if you have such a warranty, or something like it, when your AC isn't working as it should, give them a call before it's too late, and before the real heat of summer is upon us.

I hope you found these reminder helpful. Please share with others that might also find the information useful! Oh, and by the way, if you know anyone at church or work that is looking to sell, build or buy a home, please refer them to us today.