5 Different floor plan ideas to meet your needs

Real Estate

By Jared Weggeland
Focus Realty Group
KW Lakeland

Every individual looking to purchase or build a home has unique and personal floor plan needs. Some families need to move because they're having a child. Some families just need more space for their growing children. Some people have children leaving home. While yet others have job-related needs such as relocations, promotions and retirement. Let's discuss a few of the floor plan options available to you.

Older homes that need a little TLC.
Some buyers like to purchase homes that are a little older and that need a little updating because the initial purchase price is a little lower. These buyers typically have more liquid assets to be able to put towards remodeling projects and customizations. Often these older are homes are in very desirable locations and just need a lot of elbow grease to make it beautiful, current and stylish. Start searching now!

Homes that offer the most square footage.
Some buyers place a high priority on the maximum square footage they can purchase. They need space. Often floor plans with three, four, five or more bedrooms are the best option. The interior and exterior finishes in of larger floor plan can vary widely based on the purchase price or building budget. For those looking for the absolute best price per square foot, they may be willing to sacrifice some of the high-end finishes for greater square footage capacity. For those with a healthy budget, larger homes can offer very luxurious finishes with square footage prices well over $150 per square foot.

Homes good for downsizing.
Some families and individuals would like to downsize. They need less square footage and they have more assets available to purchase a smaller home with very nice finishes, a higher price per square foot, and a purchase that will require less financing and a larger cash investment. Downsizing means different things for different people. Some think it could be difficult to live in a home "as small as" 4,000 SF while others are looking for a home closer to that of a "tiny home" with extremely small living quarters. What is your preference?

Homes with a mother in law suite.
Some families have elderly parents that they would prefer to live with them but have separate living quarters. These so called granny flats or in-law suites is getting more common especially in Florida where there are so many retirees. It can sometimes be difficult to find such a home that meets the family location and budgetary needs. Often in this case a good solution is to design and build a custom home that has two kitchens, two living rooms and different sleeping areas.

The teardown.
Some families and individuals would prefer to live closer to an urban core. Often single-family homes in these types of locations are older and in some cases need a lot of work. This is where the teardown works extremely well. Families will purchase an old home and demolish it, then design and build their own custom home to fit their needs exactly. These custom homes can be smaller, 800 square-foot cottages, or larger, more luxurious executives style homes. Depending on the project budget this option may require a lot of cash and less financing. Especially for smaller homes where the appraised value may be lower than the project cost. For larger homes financing is more readily available.

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